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What does the Basic Adjustment & Safety Inspection include?

1. Front derailleur
2. Rear Derailleur
3. Front Brakes
4. Rear Brakes
5. Headset
6. True front wheel in frame
7. True rear wheel in frame
8. Inspect frame & fork for damage
9. Inspect racks, fenders, child seats & baskets
10.Inspect rims for wear or damage
11. Inspect tires for cuts, wear & damage
12. Inspect brake pads for wear
13. Inspect cables & housing for cracks, kinks, rust or fraying
14. Test brake levers and calipers for tightness (tighten if needed)
15. Test seat and seat post tightness (tighten if needed)
16. Test handlebar and stem for tightness
17. Inflate tires to sidewall pressure
18. Chain
19. Front brake
20. Rear brake
21. Brake levers
22. Front derailleur
23. Rear derailleur
24. Shift levers where appropriate
25. QRs on hubs and seat clamp


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